Study on the Consumption of Cow Milk Alternatives

Study on the Consumption of Cow Milk Alternatives

Study on the Consumption of Milk Alternatives

Summary of Findings

This study was conducted in cooperation with Psyma.  More than 600 organic consumers, between the ages of 18 and 49 and mainly who live in an urban setting, were asked detailed questions about their milk alternative consumption habits.

One interesting result: Soy, Oat, Almond , and other plant-based milk varieties are all consumed for completely different reasons.  There is a different purchasing patterns among vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, or those who eat everything.  While those who freely eat everything identified taste and variety as the most important factors in their decision making, vegans and vegetarians saw their vegan diet, animal protection, and also health as important factors.

Summarized conclusions from the study filled with interesting facts, useful to anyone interested in the behavior, habits, and brand awareness of consumers, are available for free via download.  The full version of this study can be found on the biopinio dashboard.

The results of this study were presented at the Research & Results Expo in Munich on the 26th and 27th of October 2016.

Do you consume plant-based milk for any of the following reasons? (participants could select multiple options)

How often do you use a plant-based milk alternative instead of cow milk?


Information About the Study

This study was conducted in cooperation with Psyma.
Time frame: September 2016
Participante: 635 Consumers of plant-based milk

    • Young, mainly living in urban areas, panel on the biopinio-App
    • 83% female
    • 44% omnivore, 19% flexitarian, 19% vegetarian, 12% vegan
    • Between the ages 18 and 49 years old, the average ages was 32
    • 67% consume organically on a daily basis, 29% on a weekly basis
    • 31% of participants live in a city of more than 1 Million inhabitants


What type of  plant-based milk do you use the most?

What type of plant-based milk do you use? (participants could select multiple options)

Where do you buy your plant-based milk? (participants could select multiple options)

What do you use plant-based milk for? (participants could select multiple options)

What brands of plant-based milk have you bought before?


    • For omnivores flavor and variety are the most important factor, while for vegans it is their vegan living, the protection of animals and the belief that plant-based milk as more healthy.  74% of vegans consume plant-based milk on a daily basis.
    • Among vegans soy, oat, almond, and rice milk are common.  Among omnivores almond, soy, coconut, and oat milk are more popular.
    • Vegans cosume primarily oat and soy milk.  Oat milk is ranked second among omnivores, with almond milk being almost just as popular.
    • Older participants buy plant-based milk more frequently in organic super markets and less frequently in drug stores or supermarkets.  Those who consume organically on a daily basis buy mostly at organic-specific supermarkets, while those who consume organically less frequently buy organic brands in regular supermarkets, both groups buy their plant-based milk equally often at drug stores.
    • Vegans consume much more plant-based milk than omnivores.
    • Vegans have much more brand awareness than omnivores.  This is especially noticeable with the brands Oatly, Provamel, and Natumi.

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