Category management tests

Category management tests

biopinio category management


Answers questions like:

What stands out on the grocery shelves?
Will my product be found?
What competitors are there?


At the point of sale

With the biopinio Category Management test we send our users into stores throughout Germany to see what products they are drawn to in the store.


The target group

The biopinio panel includes consumers of organic products from all over Germany and Austria. For each project we narrow these down to tailor your exact needs.

Your Benefit

biopinio Bio pollion Marktforschung  Shows discoverability of the product in stores

biopinio Bio pollion Marktforschung  Insight into the actual competition of the products on store shelves


 The Task: Lebensbaum/Ulrich Walter GmbH asked us to look into the competition among tea brands.

 The Method of Testing We sent biopinio testers to go look at the Tea aisle and choose the tea that stands out.

 The Result: We now know how to place teas better to attract attention.

What to expect: High Quality Market Research

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What Our Customers Say

“With biopinio our consumers could be interviewed directly at the point of sale about the presentation of our products. The survey results were very helpful to draw conclusions about the purchasing behavior. These in turn form a solid basis for the creation of shelf levels under Category Management projects with our trading partners”

Steffen Kasel, Category Manager, Ulrich Walter GmbH

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