Data protection policy (including acceptance of data protection policy)

1. Object of this Privacy Protection Policy
We appreciate your interest in our app “biopinio”, our website, and our offers on our website. Protecting your personal data (hereinafter “Data”) is a large and very important concern of ours. Below, we would like to inform you in detail of what happens to your data when downloading our app “biopinio”, when visiting our site and, and when using our local offers, along with how the data is processed and used by us in the following steps. Here we will also notify you of the accompanying safeguards we have in taking technical and organizational expertise.


2. Responsible party/ service provider
Responsible in terms of the Federal Data Protection Act and also service providers (TMG) is Pollion GmbH. Compare to our legal notice:

Questions or comments about this privacy policy or general data protection should be addressed to the following email address:


3. Collection and Handling of your data

The extent and nature of the diffusion of your data differs depending on whether you visit our website only to retrieve information or use the “biopinio” app, or use our other services:

a) Informational Use
It is not necessary that you provide personal data For only informational use of our website. Rather, we collect and use in this case, only the data your internet browser automatically transmits to us, such as:

  • Date and time of access to one of our websites,
  • Your computer model,
  • Your browser type,
  • the browser settings,
  • the operating system used,
  • the last time you visited a page,
  • the amount of data transferred and the access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
  • Your IP address.

We collect and use this data when visiting informational exclusively in non-personal form. This is done to allow the use of pages accessed by you on the whole, for statistical purposes and to improve our internet usage. We store the IP address for the duration of your visit, but an analysis does not take place.

b) Use of Apps and other offerings
If you want to use the Pollion app “biopinio” or use the other services our website provides such as the newsletter, it is necessary that you provide us additional data. This additional information, collected by registering with “biopinio” for purposes of Pollion, is collected for customer marketing and opinion research, and is necessary necessary for each processing.
This  Personal data is in addition to the data referred to in paragraph 3a) your name, email address or phone number, postal address (for sending you the organic test products), age, gender, household information (income framework, general occupational information – employed, self employed etc., number of persons, education), consumer behavior in organic products. The data collected for the aforementioned purpose is stored in the databases of Pollion to anonymity or use of pseudonyms, respectively, or cancellation and hosted on our own servers located in Germany. If necessary, they are passed on to us supportive service providers that we have carefully selected. This occurs when sending assisted service providers. These are the following third parties:

  •, Colbitz
  • Deutsche Post AG
  • Hermes Logistik Gruppe Deutschland GmbH
  • PIN MAIL Aktiengesellschaft

The disclosure of your data to other third parties occurs only if we are legally obligated.


4. Newsletter/Push-Mitteilungen
In order to sign up for our email newsletter, we need not only your email address but also your acceptance of our privacy policy. Any other information is optional and will be used to respond to you personally and to embellish the content of the newsletter personally and to clarify questions concerning your email address.
For sending newsletters we use a double opt-in process, in which we send you a confirmation email with a link to re-confirm your request. We want to make sure that only you can register as the owner of an email address to the newsletter itself. Your confirmation of this must be done within 7 days after receiving the confirmation email, otherwise your Newsletter subscription is automatically deleted from our database. You can cancel subscriptions from you in our newsletter at any time. Given can either make an informal email to or via the link at the bottom of our newsletter.

In addition to information about the newsletter, we also have provided the option of push notifications.
A push notification is a message indicating there is new information on the app. You can either use it to check the app, or ignore the messages.


5. Use of Cookies
We use cookies with our app “biopinio” and our website. Cookies are small text files that are sent as part of your visit from the server back to your browser to be used to track usage for later visits.
We only use so-called Session-Cookies (also known as temporary Cookies), which are only stored while you are using the app or visiting our website. The purpose of these is to continually identify your computer during app/website usage so that we may determine the end of your visit when you switch to another app/website.
The cookies are deleted as soon as the use of the app ends or you leave the website. You can determine whether cookies can be set and retrieved within your browser. You can determine to deactivate cookies completely, or whether to have the browser notify you when they are used, however, for technical reasons, the use of our app and website requires your browser to allow Session Cookies. .
We do not hold a collection of personal data found by cookies in this context. We will not use any techniques that allow for cookies to collect user data information.


6. Data Collection through the use of Google Analytics
It is important to us to optimally design our app “biopinio” and website. For this, we must know which parts of it are seen by visitors.
The app “biopinio” and the website use Google Analytics, an analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics allows an Analysis of your use of the app (Usage and duration of the “biopinio” app) and website. We use this information in order to ensure continuous development and improvement of our app and website.
This information will be transmitted to a Google server and stored there. The anonymization of your data occurs here through the reduction of your IP address (which makes your device recognizable) by the activation of IP-anonymization on the biopinio website before data is transmitted to Google. This is done on servers within EU Member States or other parties to the agreement of the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server and shortened there.
On our behalf Google will evaluate your use of the app “biopinio” and the biopinio-website using Google Analytics. More detailed information can be found with Google (Overview).
Further information on the terms of use and data protection can be found at and at, respectively. We hereby indicate that on this website Google Analytics has been adapted with the code „anonymizeIp“ to ensure anonymized collection of IP addresses (so called IP masking).
You may refuse the use of cookies through adjusting your browser software; however, we point out that this may limit you from using the full extent of all functions on the website in this case.
You can also prevent the data related to your use of the app “biopinio” and the biopinio website from Google and the processing of which by Google. This can be done with the following link (browser disable plugin – download page) or under permissions in the biopinio app select “Statistics” to deactivate.
We further use Google Analytics to analyze data from AdWords and the Double-Click cookie for statistical reasons. Should you not wish this you can deactivate this in the ad manager.


6b. Data Collection through the use of the live chat
This website uses Drift, a live chat software of the company Drift, Inc. ( Drift uses “cookies” – text files, which are stored on your computer and which allow a personal conversation with you via a live chat on our website. The data you transmit through the live chat are stored on Drift, Inc. servers in the USA. By using the live chat you agree to this transmission of data. The Drift, Inc. privacy policy can be found here:


gem. §§ 4a BDSG, 12 ff. TMG
I have personally noted and understood that the POLLION GmbH (Pollion) intends to collect, process and use my personal information (Name, Email address, phone number, postal address, age, gender, household data (income framework, general occupational information as employed, self-employed etc., education), consumer behavior in organic products, and information that my Internet browser automatically transmits) with its app “biopinio” for purposes of commercial market and opinion research.
In compliance with the principle of purpose limitation, I voluntarily give Pollion my permission to use my personal information given only for the purposes outlined above for the app “biopinio”.
I agree that the this data should be received by Pollion and those companies in the organic industry, whose products are made available to me for testing, for market and opinion research. Any possible further transfers of said data (technologically or when shipping to a Pollion supporting service provider) is carried out by companies in Germany. The data will not be used for commercial purposes. User profiles are created using a pseudonym. A connection between the pseudonym projected person and the collected usage data is not made.
I confirm to be of age.
After use, the data will be deleted.
Permanent storage is excluded.
This data privacy declaration will be available to me at any time. I can receive at any time without notice for any reason free information about my data stored with Pollion.
I may at any time correct, terminate, or delete my data with Pollion.
I can also at any time revoke my consent to Pollion in-app data collection  through “biopinio” without giving reason.
I have a commitment from Pollion to be regularly informed regarding changes in privacy protection and manipulations on data protection, for example, by Google or Apple.


8. Terms for the “biopinio” App
a) Duties of the User:

  • The free and uncompensated use of the “biopinio” app may not be used in an abusive manner and may not violate Intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights;
  • Highly personal, conscientious, and honest replies to the questions asked;
  • Users may not infringe upon decency. No racist or defamatory statements will be allowed;
  • No publishing of questions asked, product samples and other materials without prior consultation (for example on social networks, their own websites, etc.) with Pollion;
  • The provided product samples and other materials are intended only for the personal use of the user and not be distributed, given, or sold to third parties (bsp to manufacturers of product samples competing organic companies);
  •  Before eating or use the provided product samples and other materials they must be inspected by the user. The consumption or use is at the user’s own risk.

b) Rights of Pollion:

  • Pollion reserves the right to exclude users from access to “biopinio” app and delete the app, particularly if the user breaches its duties under these conditions;
  • A claim to the use of vouchers or product samples by third parties through Pollion to the user is not a guaranteed benefit at any raffles.


Stand: 06.04.2017